3D Printing

3D printing is the way of the future. People have already started to print houses, statues, and normal household items with a 3D printer. I recently got a 3D printer (Flash Forge Dreamer 3D) and it has been awesome to use it to build cool models. I use the software called Tinkercad to create my models and I will post some of them in below. I have decided that I will create a book for Tinkercad which is posted on my website so be sure to check it out. All the links regarding getting to the Tinkercad website are listed below. Have fun printing!

Tinkercad Software: www.tinkercad.com

Flash Forge Dreamer 3D: www.flashforge-usa.com

Flash Forge Dreamer Printer Flash Forge Dreamer Printer

Fidgit Spinner

This fidgit spinner is made for nickels on the outside followed by a ball bearing on the inside. I decided to create this file based on the new figit spinner trend happening as of 2017.

Fidget Spinner with Nickels

Scorpion Design

Below is a scorpion design made from scratch using primitive shapes to create it. The total time to print was 2 hours, but the product was awesome so it was worth it. Credits to my brother for creating this model.

Scorpion Design

Car Design

Below is the .stl file for the car that I talked about in my book "Tinkercad: The Basics". Note that the image below is a scaled down version of the actual file, so if the actual file was to be printed, it would be a lot larger.


Car from Tinkercad the Basics

Headphone Stand

Below is my headphone stand which I made in Tinkercad. It consists of 2 parts that can latch together, as shown by the 2 different colors.

Headphone Stand